Epoxy, flakes and metallic's

RhinoCoat™ WB is a clear or pigmented, two part, waterborne epoxy that is easy to mix, easy to use, and provides superior results. It is applied over concrete and many other substrates by brush, roller or spray equipment. RhinoCoat™ WB dries quickly (60 – 90 minutes) and is typically applied as a standalone sealer. RhinoCoat™ WB contains a unique “lacquer dry” (dust free) cure allowing it to be recoated quickly. It has a long working time (2 – 3 hours) which allows larger batches to be mixed. The material cleans up easily with soap and water from hands and tools.

(Concrete gray not available)

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Flakes are a great way to spice up your epoxy floor with lots of colors to pick from. Flakes can be broadcasted lightly or to cover the whole floor. We recommend roughly 1lbs per 10sf for full coverage.

RhinoCoat™ GP (General Purpose) is a bisphenol-A resin reacted with a unique modified multiple ring cycloaliphatic amine adduct activator. The polymer structure is extremely tough with excellent chemical resistance and is reinforced with laminar flake pigments. This exceptionally attractive, ceramic-like, high build, epoxy is designed to provide penetration, wetting, and sealing of substrates and surfaces that will be exposed to severe chemical and physical environments. It is formulated to be extremely adhesive, hard, impact resistant, and abrasion resistant. RhinoCoat™ GP is sanctioned by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a resinous and polymeric coating that may be safely used as a food-contact surface following specific conditions (CFR 175.300).


A Pigment that is added to 100% Solid Epoxy giving you a variety of effects and color. See our Color Chart showcasing 72 metallic epoxy colors.

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 Vapor Seal Primer 

This epoxy coating has revolutionized the industrial coatings industry by combating a major problem with applying epoxy coatings: too much moisture in the substrate. Where most products will fail to cure if a substrate is merely damp, our Vapor Seal Primer has remarkably high moisture accepting qualities allowing it to cure even under water. The product’s low viscosity and slow cure time allow it to penetrate deeper into the concrete than a normal primer providing a higher degree of adhesion to the substrate.

Why is BDC Vapor Seal Primer so remarkable?

Recent laboratory tests have shown that BDC Vapor Seal Primer can reduce the moisture vapor transmissions of a floor with 12lbs/1000ft/24hrs to less than 1lb!

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BDC 3100 is a two component, 100% solids, high-build, low
viscosity, low odor, cyclo-aliphatic, chemical resistant
epoxy.  This highly versatile epoxy coating comes in clear
and a variety of Pigmented colors.

BDC 3100 epoxy is used to create industrial seamless floors
in manufacturing plants, mechanical rooms, industrial
warehouses, commercial kitchens, airplane hangars, and
commercial garages.  In combination with color quartz or
paint chips it can be used to create a decorative floor
coating.  BDC 3100 epoxy (with aggregate) can also be used
as a mortar for overlays or repairs for concrete.  3100 clear is
an excellent high build concrete sealer for interior over many
other types of coatings such decorative concrete or over
acid stained floors.

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  • The Quartz System provides a slip-resistant flooring solution known for its durability and natural granite stone-like appearance.